“What does everyone fear the most?” he asked.

“Death?” I said.

“But you wish you would rather die sometimes, don’t you?” he said, smiling.

I didn’t say anything.

He looked into my eyes, and spoke in a deep voice, “Pain. It is pain that one fears the most.”


Hillock – A dragon tale

Brother of incredible Hulk
Older among the mighty twins

He takes the form of a dragon
Fights the devil and always wins

Like the Hulk, Hillock too
In discomfort turns green

Vast body, scrappy stance
His claws are two feet each

His leather re-enforced shiny scales
Cannot be pierced even by missiles

He flies with fury, a lightning bolt
Before him everything is fissile.

Yes, dragons throw fire from their frightening mouths
But Hillock is a different of their kind

He throws snow-balls at two hundred miles an hour
The enemy freezes in a blink of eye

His ten feet tail with tinge of blue
Swings as if a trebuchet beam

It hits castle roofs like a whip
They label him a terror whim

He fought Dallaire in Alaska
(his troops flew like dust).

And crushed Fugasians in Dhaka
Oh, his frozen gust!

In times of peace, Hillock is nice
Perfectly shaped body of man

Humble, calm, elegant and tight,
And he loves to play violin

Hillock is a hero in his town,
Cherished by all in woods and plain

But let me ask you, if I may dare,
Who has seen him in his pain?

When battles are won and you dance drunk
When his part is excellently played

He takes himself to the mountain caves
He sits in darkness and plucks his scales

As you light your fire for the feast of night
He burns his leather and cuts his tail

He smiles upon you through cold winter nights
As your drums muffle his cries of pain

After thirteen days and fourteen nights
When he has lost all his green

He comes to the town with smiling face
Please don’t treat him mean

-To the real life superheroes, who have to endure the pain of living the double lives in order to protect their loved ones.



It is only in the solitude, that one truly finds the company of God.
And what is solitude, if not the company of self.
God smiles upon you, when he sees you with yourself;
when you are silently passing through the chasms of aloneness.
And solitude you may seek even when you walk amidst your flock.
It is then when you truly belong to yourself.