Blossom of the fall

Her bare feet falling on dried red leaves;
she moves with ease,
and stumbles with style.
She pours some sun
into a glass of wine;
and sips it slow, as her lips smile.
The winds gently play with locks of her hair;
The fall shyly blossoms in her sparkling eyes.
She chuckles sweetly, as if saying,
“Season loves you back,
When you dissolve in her divine.”


Till you be me, and I be you

Be careful,
This moment is delicate
Be gentle, please.
Hold it lightly,
like you would hold a butterfly,
lest it should fly away.
Speak low,
talk in whispers,
We don’t want to scare it now.
Stare with me
at the distant stars.
Let’s lose it all in togetherness.
Don’t move fast,
make it last,
Pierce me through and through.
Drink me up
with your eyes.
Till you be me,
and I be you.

The Tingling

It still tingles at my finger tips

some days when the weather is beautiful.

The tingling,

as if you are about to hold my hand,

as if our fingers are about to entwine.

And when I realise that you are gone,


I am left alone,


I stand here

brewing your memories.



both at once.

How can I just forget?

And I wonder,

does the oyster forget about his lost pearl?


The Goddess of Arts

First you feel her presence.
Then you hear her calling.
You start liking her as you steal a distant glance.
You can’t resist the call of the beauty unto you.
So you go, and feel your heart beating to the beats of her eternal music.
You start to understand her song, if she allows you to understand.
But whether you understand her, or not;
Start dancing.
You may find your god there.
For all the Gods, like you, worship her too.
And she worships you in return.