The Night Of Grace

Be empty vessel tonight,
catch the elixir
that gracefully flows in cold air.
Watch the moon shining over you,
my beloved,
smile as your soul awakes.

Tonight is the night of Sharad Purnima, which is a harvesting season in India. The moon is the closest to the earth, and stays visible almost for the entire night.


The Goddess of Arts

First you feel her presence.
Then you hear her calling.
You start liking her as you steal a distant glance.
You can’t resist the call of the beauty unto you.
So you go, and feel your heart beating to the beats of her eternal music.
You start to understand her song, if she allows you to understand.
But whether you understand her, or not;
Start dancing.
You may find your god there.
For all the Gods, like you, worship her too.
And she worships you in return.



It is only in the solitude, that one truly finds the company of God.
And what is solitude, if not the company of self.
God smiles upon you, when he sees you with yourself;
when you are silently passing through the chasms of aloneness.
And solitude you may seek even when you walk amidst your flock.
It is then when you truly belong to yourself.