Run away

I wish I could run away
to a place where nobody knows me.
Away from everyone and everything;
and from the ghosts of past!
Away, where I can’t remember things too well;
where memories fade away on my wish.
Away, where I don’t have to protect my foes,
where I don’t have to hurt my friends.
I wish there was such a place on earth.
I wish there was such a point in time.
I wish I could run away there.
I wish I could run away anywhere.


The Night Of Grace

Be empty vessel tonight,
catch the elixir
that gracefully flows in cold air.
Watch the moon shining over you,
my beloved,
smile as your soul awakes.

Tonight is the night of Sharad Purnima, which is a harvesting season in India. The moon is the closest to the earth, and stays visible almost for the entire night.

Blossom of the fall

Her bare feet falling on dried red leaves;
she moves with ease,
and stumbles with style.
She pours some sun
into a glass of wine;
and sips it slow, as her lips smile.
The winds gently play with locks of her hair;
The fall shyly blossoms in her sparkling eyes.
She chuckles sweetly, as if saying,
“Season loves you back,
When you dissolve in her divine.”