“What does everyone fear the most?” he asked.

“Death?” I said.

“But you wish you would rather die sometimes, don’t you?” he said, smiling.

I didn’t say anything.

He looked into my eyes, and spoke in a deep voice, “Pain. It is pain that one fears the most.”


Run away

I wish I could run away
to a place where nobody knows me.
Away from everyone and everything;
and from the ghosts of past!
Away, where I can’t remember things too well;
where memories fade away on my wish.
Away, where I don’t have to protect my foes,
where I don’t have to hurt my friends.
I wish there was such a place on earth.
I wish there was such a point in time.
I wish I could run away there.
I wish I could run away anywhere.

Blossom of the fall

Her bare feet falling on dried red leaves;
she moves with ease,
and stumbles with style.
She pours some sun
into a glass of wine;
and sips it slow, as her lips smile.
The winds gently play with locks of her hair;
The fall shyly blossoms in her sparkling eyes.
She chuckles sweetly, as if saying,
“Season loves you back,
When you dissolve in her divine.”